2014 Board Member Announcement

Little People of America would like to welcome the incoming Board Members for the 2014-2017 Term.  In this past election, all eleven positions on the Board of Directors were open.  In the election, five of the positions were contested.  LPA thanks all of the candidates who ran for a Board spot and all of the members who participated in the voting process. 

With deep gratitude, LPA applauds three former Board members who cycled off of the Board at the end of the 2011-2014 Term.  Each of them volunteered countless hours and resources to support and build the organization over the past three years. 

Outgoing Board Members are:

Bill Bradford – Senior Vice President
Jason Rasa – Director of Finance
Ethan Crough – Director of Membership

Little People of America is excited to announce the Board for the 2014-2017 Term.  The Board includes:

Gary Arnold – President
April Brazier – Senior Vice President
Clinton Brown – Director of Finance
Eileen Norman – Director of Development
Jonathan North – Director of Programs
Mark Povinelli – Director of Membership
Leah Smith – Director of Public Relations
Michelle Kraus – Director of Advocacy
Eastern Regional Director – Joe Zrinski
Central Regional Director – open*
Western Regional Director – Angie Giuffre

Congratulations to all the new Board Members.  With a new structure, and several new faces, the LPA Board of Directors is positioned to have a strong and successful term. 

*This position is currently unfilled.  The current Board will work with District Directors to identify a member from District 6,7,8 or 9 to fill the position.