Board of Director Duties

This is a quick summary of duties and requirements.  For more in depth information, please see the Officer Documents page with the LPA Bylaws, Policy Manual, and Officer Handbook.  Please also feel free to contact any current Board Member as well. 

Important information on Board of Directors from the LPA Bylaws

A. Elections shall be held every third year, beginning with 2008. Other election years: 2011, 2014, 2017.
B. The President and Senior Vice President must have been an active eligible voting member for four membership years and have served in an elected or appointed position at the national, district or chapter level for at least two membership years.
C. Directors must have been active eligible voting members for three membership years.
D. Candidates shall make their intent of running for a position on the Board of Directors known 120 days prior to a national election, by notifying the Voting/Election Committee or President in writing.
E. Candidate is not required to be a person of short stature.
F. Voting shall be by the membership. The Board of Directors will vote in the case of a tie. The candidate who receives the most popular votes shall be elected. Mail-in ballots will be used. Electronic balloting may be used if the Board of Directors obtains or identifies an acceptable and secure system, and non-profit laws allow electronic balloting.
G. The new Directors Board structure will begin July 1, 2013. The Regional Representatives will be appointed for a one-year term from July 1, 2013 to the next installation (proposed to be July 1, 2014) in order to align the new Regional Representative positions and 2 new Board positions within the established election cycle. The Regional Representatives will be chosen from current District Directors. The Advocacy and Development Directors will be chosen from the membership.
H. The Regional Representatives shall be voted on only by their regional membership as noted in Article VI, Section 6; I, J, K.

Shall preside at all national meetings of the members, meetings of the Board of Directors.
Shall appoint all temporary committees. 
Shall assist the Programs Director with all committees and communications, which involve confidential personal and financial information.
Shall assist with Grants and Loans awarded by Little People of America, Inc.
Shall recruit Committee Chairpersons for all standing Committees and bring recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. 
Shall oversee the following Committees: Bylaws and Policy, Executive, and Personnel, and any Committee not specifically assigned to another Director or Vice President.Shall be the District Director coordinator and be responsible for encouraging and providing support to all Districts and District Directors. 

Senior Vice President
Shall, in the absence of the President at meetings, assume the duties of the President.
Shall be chapter coordinator and be responsible for encouraging and establishing new chapters in appropriate areas. 
Shall oversee responsibilities as assigned by the President.
Shall assist District Directors with the development of local membership not served by chapters.
Shall oversee the Employment and Historian Committees. 

Finance Director
Shall review and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on all investment decisions and strategies as defined by the Finance Committee.
Shall establish and maintain guidelines for approval by the Board of Directors for safeguarding of assets.
Shall define, implement and monitor all internal financial controls of LPA Inc.
Shall review with other members of the Board of Directors and respond to recommendations made by the Finance Committee.
Shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors on the allocation of funds for all grants and loans awarded by LPA.
Shall oversee the Finance Committee.

Membership Director
Shall be responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of programs that meet the concerns of the members. 
Shall oversee the following Committees: Parent, Young Adult, Teen, Older Adults, International and Information Technology. 
Shall be responsible for overseeing the database and staff, contractors, and volunteers with access to the database.

Programs Director
Shall meet the specialized needs of the dwarfism community population through grant and loan programs. 
Shall oversee the programs that allocate funds to applicants in the short stature community.
Develop further programs deemed necessary and beneficial to the membership and general dwarfism community.
Shall oversee the Adoption Committee.

Public Relations Director
Shall inform and educate the public about LPA and our concerns.
Shall be responsible for coordinating and managing those activities dealing with public relations and publicity for the organization. 
Shall oversee those committees that deal with the media and public relations and the Outreach Committees.
Shall be responsible for working with the LPA Today editor and supervise activity.

Advocacy Director
Shall inform and educate the disability community about LPA and our concerns.
Shall represent LPA at disability awareness meetings and with disability organizations. 
The Advocacy Director will cover all aspects of advocacy – participating with the disability community, medical advocacy with health insurance issues, employment advocacy, school advocacy, and other areas that may impact the dwarfism community. 
Shall oversee the Advocacy Committee.

Development Director
Shall work with the Board of Directors and LPA Staff on identifying fundraising goals.
Shall be responsible for research and application for applicable grants and granting programs on behalf of LPA. 
Shall oversee the Fundraising Committee.