The purpose of LPA's Adoption Committee is to find a loving home for each child with dwarfism. Our role is to act as a link between prospective parents and adoption agencies that represent short statured children. Please note that we are not an adoption agency, but a volunteer committee that facilitates between the adoption agencies and the adoptive parents.  By reaching out to adoption agencies, doctors, hospitals, geneticists, and others, we are able to locate available children with dwarfism who are available for adoption and prospective parents who are interested in adopting. The LPA's adoption committee is enthusiastic about its past work in uniting children with their families, and continues to work towards this important goal.


To view the children who are waiting for a family you must be an LPA member with a log in and password.  After logging in a link entitled "Children Waiting For A Family" will be available to you.  Summaries of the children waiting for a family can be read on the "General Info" link.

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LPA's National Adoption Coordinator is Colleen Gioffreda. You may reach her by e-mail at, or by telephone at (443) 676-0186.


LPAdoption1 is an online discussion group for individuals interested in adopting children with dwarfism.


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To contribute to the Billy Barty Memorial Adoption Fund, named in honor of the late founder of Little People of America, please email LPA Online at