Biotech Industry Liaison Committee

About LPA’s Biotech Industry Liaison Committee

This committee is a diverse, well-rounded group of LPA members that was formed to provide objective, unbiased interpretation, and analysis of the ongoing research efforts in skeletal dysplasias. Our committee includes both the short-statured and average height perspective including lifetime LPA members, new parents, as well as caregivers to children who have participated in some of the clinical trials. Together, we bring a robust knowledge in healthcare, pharmaceutical industry, legal, and executive board experience.

Biotech Industry Liaison Committee Review

Little People of America’s (LPA) Biotech Industry Liaison Committee has established a comprehensive overview of the latest biotechnology developments in skeletal dysplasias or dwarfisms. Prior to any interaction with LPA, pharmaceutical companies began developing pharmacologic therapies. This review focuses on achondroplasia but will evolve to include developments for other conditions as they advance. To read this review, visit HERE.  

Committee Members

  • Michael Hughes, Chair
  • Dianna Carda
  • Sue Chohan
  • Colleen Gioffreda
  • Ashley Grist
  • Deb Himsel
  • Kelsie Hankins Hughes
  • Nancy Kaplan
  • Michelle Kraus
  • Josh Maudlin
  • Karen McDonnell
  • Michael Petruzzelli
  • Mark Povinelli

Contact email: [email protected]

Click HERE to see a listing of recorded meetings conducted by LPA's Biotech Industry Liaison Committee