Discussion Groups

There are many dwarfism related discussion groups.  The discussion groups mentioned below are not sponsored nor monitored by LPA, unless indicated below.  Inclusion here is simply for informational purposes.

You can also search for more at Yahoo Groups. In addition, a number of LPA districts and chapters have discussion groups for their members.  Many people are also on www.Facebook.com.  Friends can be found by searching for "dwarf", "dwarfism", Little People of America".

The groups are divided by category:

LPA Parents Page on Facebook *official LPA sanctioned page
Parents of Little People on Facebook

Diagnosis Specific:
Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia 
Diastrophic Dysplasia 
Pseudo Giants
RSS Support

General Dwarfism Issues for Adults:
Adult LPs 
Dwarf Parents 
Women with Dwarfism 
Short Society
Little People of Color

Christians with OI 
Dwarfs 4 Christ

Dwarfism Alternative Dating
Little People Meet
Date A Little
Short Passions
A Greater Date

Disability Issues:
Disability Grapevine 


Pain Management: 
A Place for LPs in Constant Pain