Personal Stories - What is it like to live dwarfism?  What is it like to be a Parent?

On these pages you will read articles by individuals living with dwarfism, by parents, by friends and family members.  Enjoy!  We are grateful for our members and community who have so beautifully written of their experiences.

What I've Learned - a mothers thoughts from kindergarten to college
A Father No Different Than Any Other - thoughts from a father with dwarfism
"How To" Raise A Child with Dwarfism - written by parent chairperson, Heather Saylor.  
Parent Perspective - Siblings - written by parent chairperson, Heather Saylor
Starts from Within - by motivational speaker and person with dwarfism, Peggy O'Neill
First Time at Conference Can Be Life Changing. Starting with LPA as an adult.