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No Bigger Than a Minute
An award winning documentary first broadcast nationally on PBS, "No Bigger Than a Minute" is dwarf filmmaker Steven Delano's very personal and often humorous film about life, media culture and dwarfism.

Jon Michael Ogeltree - Piano
Chris Errera - Pianist and Composer

Little People  Directed by Jan Krawitz and Thomas Ott (1984)
More than 1200 dwarfs gather every year when Little People of America holds its national convention. In the 50 years since its inception, LPA has given its 6000 members a sense of identity and purpose, helping them cope in a world in which the confining stereotypes of sideshow attraction persist. Contrasting scenes from their daily lives with the activities of the convention week, the film provides insight into the lives of dwarfs and offers a unique and sometimes disturbing perspective on the average-sized world.

Big Enough  Directed by Jan Krawitz (2004)
What is it like to date or find a spouse? What about the decision to have children – with a 75% chance that their offspring will be a dwarf? And what does the future hold now that many genetic conditions, including dwarfism, can be diagnosed in utero? Big Enough provides a unique perspective on a proud and active community that many people know only from cultural stereotypes